3 Best Eco Friendly Insect Repellent Products

3 Best Eco Friendly Insect Repellent Products

It is not uncommon to hear stories of backyard barbecues that were spoiled by pesky, uninvited bugs crashing on the occasion. Keep yourself guarded from insect bites. Who knows what diseases they could be carrying? 

You could protect yourself by buying the commercial insect repellents you typically purchase in drugstores or supermarkets. But do you really want to risk long-term exposure to these chemicals? Do you know that there are better, more natural alternatives?

Eco Friendly Insect Repellent

Why go for natural alternatives?

Contrary to popular belief, insect repellents aren’t meant to kill insects but merely help in making people, plants, or animals less attractive to mosquitoes. Making them less likely to bite. 

If you live in an area that is notorious for insects, you may have heard of DEET or picaridin, an active ingredient used by a lot of conventional mosquito repellents. When used properly and in very low concentrations, it is virtually harmless to humans. However, studies have found that regular consumption of DEET could have harmful long-term effects on our health and the environment. 

We don’t always have to resort to harmful chemicals to solve the issue of insect infestation. As it turns out, many experts believe that switching to more eco friendly insect repellent and DEET free insect repellent could have more far-reaching effects. 

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Here we list the 3 best eco-friendly insect repellents that are proven alternatives to their chemical counterparts:

Peppermint Oil

Throughout history, peppermint oil has had the reputation of being the best natural remedy for a number of ailments. Its invigorating and refreshing aroma has uplifting effects the moment you get a whiff of it. But its many uses do not end there. It can also be an effective solution to repel insects. 

Peppermint oil contains terpene, alcohol, and menthol that creates a natural fumigant. It is a potent concoction that insects, even rodents, are incredibly aversive to. 

Citronella Oil

One of the most popular eco friendly insect repellent products used all over the world is citronella oil. A lot of commercial products such as scented candles, lotions, sprays, and even wristbands, incorporate the power of citronella oil to create a potent, yet still perfectly harmless insect repellent product. 

Aside from repelling, it has amazing soothing and healing effects when applied to an area where someone has been stung by an insect. The only drawback that this natural miracle has is that some people are allergic to it. Make sure to test the oil on a small area of skin to check for an allergic reaction. 

Rosemary and Cedarwood Essential Oils

The combined power of rosemary and cedarwood essential oils make a solution that is effective at repelling flies, mosquitoes, midges, sandflies, and many other pests. Unlike DEET products, this all-natural alternative will not damage plastics, sunglasses, or any synthetic gear. 

With the right supplier, you can have antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal all-around solution that you can use for a number of instances. When people ask why should we bother switching to natural, simply enumerating these benefits will convince them straight up. 

The Best in Natural Repellents

You can find many stores that sell these eco friendly insect repellent products, but why settle for less when you can go for the best? 

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