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Nature’s Botanical is ones of Australia’s preferred provider of natural insect repellent. Our premium Rosemary and Cedarwood essential oil insect repellents are regarded as one of the country’s most effective fly repellent, and now, they are made available all over the world! Do you have your Nature’s Botanical product already?

One of The Most Preferred Insect Repellent Products

One of Australia’s preferred insect repellent product is now within your reach! We have hundreds of traditional retailers throughout Australia and a growing number of international retailers throughout the world including NZ, United States, and Sweden.

With this, you would not have any problems getting your hands on our products. After all, you deserve to have an effective repellent against those pesky mosquitoes, bugs, and many other insects. Now you have the chance to protect yourself and your family without harming the environment. Get your Nature’s Botanical – best insect repellent in Australia today! Here’s how:

Find Your Closest Stockist With Our Locator

Stockists are our trusted partners in the distribution and retailing of our products. Stockists are available in many parts of Australia, New Zealand, United States, and Sweden.

To find the closest stockist in your area, use our store locator below. Here’s how to use it:

  • Enter details such as the suburb that you live in.
  • You may also opt to key in your city for a more specific search.
  • Ensure initially you have the radius to the maximum 500km, then adjust accordingly.
  • Click the red flag for full contact details.

It’s that easy! Now there’s one more step before you go and head out for your stockist. We highly suggest calling the stockist first and check if they have the supplies of the products that you wish to purchase. We don’t want you to waste your time, and this small step could definitely save you tons of it.

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Can’t Find One In Your Area?

After using the store locator, you might find that there are no available stockists in your area. In these cases, we recommend that you ask your local camping, pharmacy, health, horse, and other related retailers to stock it for you.

We offer excellent introductory packages and support for new stockists who wish to partner with us.

  • Can’t find one in your area? Ask your local camping, pharmacy, health, horse, etc retailer to stock it for you. We have excellent introductory offers and support for them.
  • If you would prefer to purchase online where specials & all products are available, please use our shopping cart on our “Online Store” page.

Get Free Postage!

Since we live in the modern world, we also have an online store where specials and products are available all year round. Simply go to our “Online Store” page and just like that, you can already start shopping for your favorite Nature’s Botanical products.

What’s more? For orders over $50, you get FREE POSTAGE!

We want our customers to have the best experience with Nature’s Botanical, not only through our products but with our customer service as well. If there’s a way that we could do things better for you, we would love to hear about it! Send a message to and let us know your thoughts, comments, and reactions whatsoever on our products and services.

Hear It From Our Loyal Customers

“Have been using this for three years, it’s the best repellent we have ever used. Brought last lot from their web site. A small amount goes a long way and you smell nice too.”

-Julie & Tony Meade

Get Your Nature’s Botanical Product Today!

If you are outside Australia and wish to place a bulk order or would like to become a stockist, please email us at We look forward to working with you!