Natural Mozzie Repellent You Can Do at Home

Natural Mozzie Repellent You Can Do at Home

Australia — home to the magnificent outback, classic backyard barbeques, wild kangaroos and a great number of mozzies. Mosquitoes love the country’s unpredictable weather pattern that goes from wet to hot and back again in a snap. It is undoubtedly an interstate dilemma that has to be resolved.
Many people have resorted to insect repellents they usually pick up in malls or drug stores, not knowing that they contain chemicals that might pose health threats after prolonged use. Here we give you a number of natural mozzie repellent that you can do at home. 

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Grow plants that repel mosquitoes

Plants such as lavender and lemon balm are two great selections that are very effective when it comes to driving pesky mosquitoes away from your home. Placed around your porch and in other areas surrounding your house, they bring a certain aesthetic appeal and give off a pleasant aroma as well. 

Make your own Citronella candle

Citronella is a miracle worker when it comes to repelling mosquitoes. When you burn candles made with natural citronella oil, you have an eco-friendly alternative to driving those stubborn mozzies away. The best thing about it is you can even make one at home using old wax, candle wicks, some metal or glass containers, and a hefty dose of citronella oil. Have fun, and some relaxation, with this natural mozzie repellent. 

Bring your fans out

Electric fans serve another purpose aside from cooling you down during those hot Australian summers, they are also great at keeping mosquitoes at bay. Set them out in your backyard or some opening that might be the point of entry for those bothersome mozzies. As they are weak fliers, the force from the fan will keep them out in a jiffy. 

Get rid of stagnant water

Stagnant or standing water serves as the perfect breeding place for mosquitoes. Check for areas in and outside your house that might have stagnant water like flower pot saucers, pool covers, pet water bowls, and others, and get rid of it as soon as you find one. When you do, you also lessen the risk for bugs and other insects to be attracted to your vicinity. 

Invest in essential oils

Essential oils are the more affordable, more effective natural alternative to the chemicals you get from commercial supermarkets and other places. Lemon eucalyptus oil, for instance, is heavily endorsed by the government as an effective mozzie repellent ingredient. Another option you can go for is the powerful combination of rosemary and cedarwood essential oil that will surely have you mosquito-free in no time. 

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Where to get one?

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