Essential Oils for Insect Control

Our products are made from the powerful combination of premium Rosemary and Cedarwood oils, two very effective essential oils for insect control. These natural insect repellent ingredients serve as the perfect active agent in our products.

Nature’s Botanical have developed natural insect repellent products for people who wish to protect themselves against stubborn insects. Say goodbye to the harsh chemical-based repellents, and choose the better, more eco-friendly alternative. Our products include the following:

Nature’s Botanical Lotion

The Nature’s Botanical natural insect repellent lotion is made with a vegetable based emulsifier, making it substantially thinner than the crème. Because of its less viscous consistency, it makes for a perfect roll-on application or a spray solution. Like the crème, it also gives off a pleasing aroma, thanks to the Rosemary and Cedarwood essential oils.


A convenient option if you plan to share to product with strangers, other people, or on large surface areas of the skin. This spray product does not come as an aerosol which means much of the product is saved instead of being lost in the air. It comes in a 500mL spray that has an adjustable nozzle.


Easy to use (great for kids to use, although you will need to check they have covered all exposed skin for biting insects.) Handy size to carry around in hand luggage on a flight, backpack, glove box, hand bag, sports bags, back pocket (particularly popular with men). Popular with fisherman as their hands do not have to touch it therefore not interfering with baiting their hooks.

This handy roll-on option is great for kids because of its very easy application process. As long as you make sure that all exposed skin areas that might be susceptible to insect bites are covered, your kids are good to go! It comes in a small size that is easy to carry around in a hand luggage on a flight, backpack, glove box, handbag, sports bag, back pocket, and more.

The roll-on type is also popular among fishermen since they don’t even have to apply it with their hands. Hence, not interfering with baiting their hooks.

Nature’s Botanical Crème


Our Nature’s Botanical crème comes in a jar for ease in application. Available in various quantities, you can get one from our online shop or from the nearest Nature’s Botanical stockist in your area.

It has a thicker consistency than its lotion counterpart since it is made with an olive oil base, yet this does not make the crème less comfortable. Upon the first application, you’ll experience relief due to the anti-inflammatory properties of its all-natural active ingredients. It appears as white upon first application but later on becomes transparent and leaves no oily residue.

This makes it a perfect moisturiser, especially for those with dry skin to help prevent the skin from dehydration. In countries like Australia where the hot weather leaves the skin parched, this is absolutely soothing.

essential oils for insect control

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