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The brand keeps growing because people love it. It has a high referral rate and once people try it they don’t go back to the chemical products.

Nature’s Botanical makes some of the best natural insect repellents out there. We are proud to see how well-received our products are. We always believed natural was the way to go. We trusted the power of nature and did right by its many gifts, and so our loyal customers now enjoy the many benefits that only natural ingredients can bring to a person’s life.  

Would you like to help us spread the word about using natural, ultra-safe, environmentally friendly bug repellents? Buy Nature’s Botanical products wholesale today! You will definitely not regret it.  

The products basically sell themselves 

The reason our stockists are so happy buying wholesale from us is that they and their customers have seen what the products can do.  

Natural ingredients, especially our main active ingredients Rosemary and Cedarwood, are excellent when it comes to repelling insects. These plants naturally have anti-insect properties, and they also come with a ton of other benefits: they are also anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. Plus, the scent offers great aromatherapy as well, which relaxes the mind. Who wouldn’t enjoy those benefits?  

We enjoy a high referral rate, and both our stockists and direct buyers naturally end up telling their friends and family about where they got the best natural insect repellent they have used so far. You could be one of them! Feel free to try the products out for yourself and later get back to us about buying wholesale. 

Our natural products are popular for many unique reasons 

Our stockists report that the products are bought in large quantities by those whose work or hobbies are performed in places that mozzies and other bugs love to frequent. Examples are fishermen, farm workers, or generally those who have to expose themselves in nature for many hours. Those with hobbies such as hiking or camping (with how beautiful Australia’s natural wonders are, you’ll find hikers and campers left and right) also need extra protection from bugs. 

It can be distracting when bugs swarm around the area, much less when they start biting. They may even carry harmful diseases with them. These people need an insect repellent that works great and lasts long (they don’t want to worry about constant reapplication). After finding out that Nature’s Botanical’s products hit those marks without the health hazard that standard chemical-based repellents pose, our organic products became a quick favourite.  

Whether you want to resell our products or you simply want to give them out to your staff or your relatives and friends, you can be sure that it will be accepted happily! 

Our not-so-secret sauce: stellar customer service 

We are extra appreciative of the stockists we have. We show our appreciation by making sure they have all the support they need. We make sure to deliver products right on schedule. We are generous with the information and advice we give themWe actively build a strong relationship with each of our stockists. But no matter how big our circle already is, there’s always room for more!  

Buy wholesale at Nature’s Botanical now 

Stay chemical-free! Staying away from chemicals is great for the body, mind, and the environment as a whole. Join Nature’s Botanical in getting people to use more organic products! 

If you would like to be one of our stockists, let us know by calling us at +61 2 4872-2200. You may also send an email to this address: julian@naturesbotanical.com 


“We stock Nature’s Botanical because the brand is so good, it does what it says it will and we get lots of support from the company, good relationship with them. We sell bucket loads.”
Alicia Pike, Pharmacy Help Karratha WA

“It’s the perfect product, so versatile, all natural and we get cleaned out by fisherman, golfers and tradies as well. Such a great product, I’m even buying 30 roll-ons to hand out to my friends when we are in Bali on holiday. I’ve told them once you try it, you will never use anything else again.”
Helen Arnott, Horseland Geelong

“We stock Nature’s Botanical because it’s a fly and mozzie deterrent that actually works. Other brands don’t seem to do the job. We sell a lot.
Jason Stephens.Western Farm Machinery, Warren, NSW

“All the staff had personally used it and it’s the one we recommend over all others. It’s functional due to the different sizes, applications and you can buy in bulk. We love it. Can’t fault it.”
Megan Green, Go Vita Rye Health Store in Rye VIC


nature botanical products  eco friendly insect repellent 

“We received our order from Nature’s Botanical a few months ago and have absolutely fallen in love with them, as have our guests.
We own and operate an award winning Bed & Breakfast in the worlds oldest Rainforest. This comes with some pretty unique challenges, of which insects of the annoying and irritating kind are one of the standouts. Especially during our wet season. As eco aware and health conscious business owners we have been supplying this product to all of our guests prior to taking their day trips into the Daintree and surrounding areas. The results are always the same. These amazing repellents simply work. Thank you Nature’s Botanical for helping to make our beautiful guests that little more comfortable whilst experiencing nature’s wonders in the Wet Tropics.”
Robbie & Charmaine, DAINTREE MANOR B & B, QLD

“It’s a great alternative to a chemical based repellent and our customers love it.”
Jason Cook, Mildura Aussie Disposals, VIC

“We are a stockist, can’t speak highly enough about our own personal experience with Nature’s Botanical and also our customers experiences. It is a great bug deterrent so we can actually enjoy the outdoors. My kids love it, if they happen to get home and find they have a couple sand fly bites on them, they use to help soothe them so they can actually get to sleep. Love your products guys and we will keep being a raving fan.”

Katie Groves, BK8 Outfitters, WA