Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some FAQs regarding natural topical safe insect repellent such as Nature’s Botanical. If you have any further questions please email

When is the best time to use a natural topical insect repellent?

The product is best used when undertaking outdoor activities. Reapply as required.

Do natural topical insect repellents expire?

If stored per instructions, no.

Can your natural insect repellents be used by nursing and pregnant women?

We recommend against using essential oils during pregnancy

What is the proper way to apply your products?

Apply to exposed areas of skin as required. Do not apply to the whole body

How long does the protection time and effectiveness last?

This varies depending on skin chemistry, how liberally applied, and how aggressive the insect is in terms of behavior and quantity. The product should provide up to 2 hours protection depending on these factors.

Are your products safe for everyday use?

Yes, whilst the product will need to be re-applied more frequently then synthetic-based repellents, our customers prefer to re-apply a natural alternative more frequently than applying a synthetic chemical less frequently. Customers report the product is more effective against flies than synthetic chemical alternatives. First-time users should undertake patch tests to ensure there is no adverse reaction.

What is your best insect repellent?

Both the lotion and cream have identical quantities of the active ingredients, being rosemary and cedar essential oils. Some customers report the cream to be more effective than the lotion and vice versa due to differences in skin chemistry etc. As the cream is thicker users may have better results particularly above the eyes where the lotion may run due to it being less viscous. However, the lotion is more easily applied to larger areas in particular limbs.

Which of your insect repellents are safe to use for kids?

Yes, though we recommend the product not to be used on children under 2 due to the possibility of ingestion. Whilst it should not make them ill, it will have an unpleasant taste.

Aside from mosquitoes, what other insects do your insect repellents work against?

Flies and midges

Can I use your products on my face?

Yes, though the cream is better for the face as it is less likely to run into sensitive areas such as eyes as it is more viscous.

Are your products safe for animals?

The product is approved in Australia as a personal insect repellent though it is widely used in the equine and canine community.

What are the other benefits of using your insect repellent?

The product is very useful at stopping itches from bites and has very useful anti-bacterial properties.

Can I purchase your products wholesale?

If you would like to sell our products, please email

How do I place an order?

Please place an order at our online shop at

Do you offer free shipping?

For orders over A$50 shipping is free.

Do you have a physical shop that I can visit?

We operate at Unit 7 227 Old Hume Hwy Mittagong NSW Australia. Please call 612 4872 2200 to ensure staff will be in attendance.

Does your products come with a warranty?

If dissatisfied, we offer a full refund.

Do you accept orders from outside Australia?

Yes, we ship worldwide however you should check your local import/customs rules before ordering.

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